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The harvesting and processing of our grapes has always been done with love and care. The entire process, from grape harvest to bottle, is meticulously controlled by our technicians. The Winery is located in Manfredonia (Foggia) where the grapes are processed during the harvest period. Here, thanks also to the valuable collaboration of a specialized team of technicians and enologists, we prepare wines according to the needs that each vintage requires.


Along with the latest technology, we match wines with stainless steel or Barrique wood, depending on the quality of each wine. When the wines are ready for bottling, our production capacity can touch very high thresholds, up to 30,000 bottles a day. Our wines, already present in the most important European countries, attend every year the main wine exhibitions of the world such as Vinitaly (Verona) and Prowein (Dusseldorf). The Torleanzi team works every day to ensure the best quality and elegance of Italian wine.

Deep roots are not reached by the frost

A family history and tradition

The brothers Giuseppe and Luigi Ciotola are two young agricultural entrepreneurs who cultivate the love, the art and the culture of wine from a very young age. Passion probably handed down and tied from their noble winegrowing origins: they are the great-grandchildren of the Grand Officer Antonio Valletta of St. Peter Vernotico (Brindisi), a high-profile personality in the wine industry and founding father of the same company born in 1887.

Both graduated in Law at prestigious Universities of Rome, strong and aware of their wine-growing vocation inherited from their ancestors, decide to establish the “Tenuta dei F.lli G&L Ciotola” of San Pietro Vernotico, a country of high vocation and wine tradition.

The key to their success? Keeping the tradition alive by continuously focusing on innovation… moving towards new horizons!

The Vineyards


The “Tenute dei f.lli G&L Ciotola” is born in the heart of Salento, in San Pietro Vernotico (Brindisi), where we cultivate the vineyards of selected grapes such as Negroamaro, Primitivo, Susumaniello, Malvasia Nera, Malvasia Bianca, Garganega and Chardonnay.

The estate is dominated by the imposing and historic “Torre Saracena” of the early ‘400 (from which the name “Torleanzi”). As a confirmation of the historical connection with tradition, the vineyards are cultivated with the Alberate and Espalier system (producing about 150 q./ hectare of grapes per annum) with senior workers pruning and spinning in the traditional and historical way of the area.









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